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Our Mission is to support and provide encouragement

In today's environment of globalization and vigorous competition it is important for employees, companies and communities to be continuously enhancing their resilience and competencies. We at Big Blue advocate sharing of ideas and resources as a great way to improve your creative skills and stave off being left behind in all your endeavors.

As with all of our emotions, admitting that we need help or are unaware of why things are not going as well as we would like is one of the hardest things to own up too. Travelling successfully up the chain of competency is a challenge. when we are at the first stage of being unconsciously incompetent the task at hand is the challenging endeavour. Once awareness has begun it is still challenging to grow and reach the stage of being totally competent. The challenge is to realize that with each paradigm shift we need to again question what competent means and if we have yet another revelation is store for us. We can help evaluate and revise your job descriptions, provide support to your department during re-organizations or change, and help recruit your future top performers.

William Betteridge, Administrator of this Site, has over 30 years of experience and can provide support, ideas, and advice to employees and companies in the associated sections of the Site to address the issue of competency and awareness. We encourage you to maintain your continuous learning by participating with us. Learn to Live, and Live to Learn.